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This site is owned and managed by the Site Owner. All Rights Reserved.

At times it may contain links or ads to services and products for which we are affiliated and may collect a small referral fee for the business. Just because this site is linked or affiliated with a service or product does not mean that we endorse or can be held liable for any harm or financial loss as a result of its use. It is your responsibility as the customer to do your own research.

Only cash, PayPal, Zelle or Bank Certified Checks accepted. Personal checks are no longer accepted.

Default in payment: An outstanding balance or default in payment will result in discontinued maintenance services and/or additional fees.

Service fee does not include expenses related to domain, hosting, SSL, dedicated IP, plugins, themes, SaaS, and/or additional add-on services necessary. Additionally, fee does not include cost for royalty, licensing and/or release fees related to videos, images, music, fonts, icons, graphics, animations, and written content. Unless agreed upon in writing, we are not responsible for providing content necessary to create website or copywriting services.

Limitation of Liability: We are not responsible if conflicts occur with themes, plugins and core platform that cause errors or data loss. Backing up files using a reputable hosting plan with this service and an additional backup plugin is always recommended, and should ensure an easy restoration if necessary. It is customer’s responsibility to check with Consultant that these tools are implemented.

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