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KCKimathi Card is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Qi Gong Master and the founder of Arena Wellness Center in Brooklyn, NY. When we first started working together he was looking for help fixing his website that seemed dated and disconnected from who Kimathi really is.

A new website was created for taking some visual cues from the previous version. All of the content was copy-edited a few times as we defined who he is, has to offer and what his wellness program is about in a more clear and concise manner.

Supporting since the Spring of 2012 has been a breath of fresh air in alot of ways. Kimathi’s easy-going nature and magnetic energy make working with him a pleasure. And the fact that he is a true master of his craft makes it enjoyable. You have to experience a massage by him to understand how talented he really is.

A Wellness Center is Born

ArenaIt was only natural that when he established Arena Wellness Center in 2013, where he currently practices along with a few other caring practitioners, that he would come back to have another WP site created for his new endeavor. showcases the kinds of services they offer as well as information on who the practitioners are.

The wellness center is a true example of how working hard to achieve a goal while making adjustments along the way can pay off over time. There is still alot of opportunity for Kimathi to share his experience and knowledge with others through webinars and workshops, and I look forward to continuing to support the site and future campaigns.