WordPress Hosting

Free Blog vs. Shared Hosting vs. WordPress Managed Hosting

Which is right for you?
Factors that will determine which is the best option for you, include: budget, website goals, desire for customization and how comfortable the individual feels about web management and support. Feel free to ask for a hosting consultation once you have reviewed the information and have a better idea of project specs.

With many hosting choices out there; support and performance are necessary to maintaining an environment that is essential for WordPress core platform and other web apps/components to run. In some cases, there is no 100% perfect solution so when choosing your host you have to consider the needs of both your current project as well as possible future needs. It is helpful to find out what kind of access to support you get to ensure you are comfortable with it. When evaluating the best solution, it is important to find out how often they perform backups and what is the process to rollback the website should the need arise.

Hosting should not be looked at as an added expense so much as a necessary investment.

It is important to understand that unless you are using WordPress.com to host your website, you will have to find a support company or consultant to work with in order to keep up with WP core, plugin and theme updates which will minimize (not eliminate) your chances of being hacked due to potential vulnerabilities. If you can’t afford to hire someone or subscribe to a service, take the time to learn best practices for running updates and troubleshooting conflicts.

Free Blog – WordPress.com
A better way to blog.

Free, hosted blogging website that is well supported by Automattic. The drawbacks are being limited to the managed plugins provided so you can’t install or add more features to your site. By upgrading your account, you can make theme customizations, map your own domain, host videos and more. Plugins and themes are already installed and updated as they are released so you never have to worry about updating WP core or plugins.

Managed WordPress Hosting
WordPress-specific Hosting solutions that are specifically tailored to run WordPress in its most optimal environment so you can focus on managing your site. Companies providing these products are knowledgeable and passionate about WordPress so you can rest assured experts are on the job. Many provide great features such as a staging area to troubleshoot problems or test a new feature away from public view, in addition to more advanced development tools.

Shared Hosting
If affordability is important, then shared hosting is a great option for the average website. There are many options out there, so it is important to weigh out what is being offered for support (phone, live chat, and/or via ticketing), security, server backup, and assistance with matters such as virus removal should your website suffer an attack.

*720creations.com, its Designer, partners and associates cannot be held responsible for any financial, personal or business losses or problems that may arise as a result of using one of these services. It is ultimately your decision who you want to host with, no matter what, we will always respect your choice… even if its not one of these or is one of the non-favorable hosts. And we always recommend you fully research whatever company you choose.