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DT - is a B2B newsletter that gets visitors from all over the globe where Peter Hamilton has been sharing facts, insight and information on the Factual TV industry since February 2010. Throughout the year, when he isn’t consulting network execs, Peter moderates panels and hosts masterclasses with other non-fiction TV executives at film festivals and events all around the world, and in 2013 hosted his first webinar.

When I first started supporting the website in September 2011 there were a handful of things that needed attention. I spent my first 6-months getting the site organized. The site originally started as a blog that was migrated by another freelancer to a self-hosted environment, so a lot of the heavy lifting had been done, but there were still things that needed to be fixed.

With our ever-growing global readership, I knew it was important to ensure our hosting environment was appropriate for future upgrades we were discussing, so we migrated to a dedicated WP host in the Spring 2012. The migration was not easy because at the time dedicated WP hosting was relatively new, and the big players were still establishing themselves, so finding complete documentation on all the necessary steps was difficult.

A Whole New Environment – Wow!

Surprise, surprise! After the site was migrated, I learned that the ecommerce plugin we used had security vulnerabilities. Overnight I got a new plugin installed and configured, though it took a couple of days to complete the integration because the harder challenge was integrating the conflicting ecommerce plugin styles with Vigilance theme’s styles. The beginning was a little rough, but the outcome proved to be a huge success and paved the way to the existing Store.

After the server dust settled, we continued discussions for expanding the site. With the new hosting infrastructure in place, we moved on to enabling WordPress multisite. Once it was successfully set-up, we created a Chinese site to share content with our Asian market.

DTThe next big phase of production was taking the page we were using to sell a couple of studies and convert it to a standalone Store where we now sell many publications and webinar videos.

By the end of summer, the site had undergone a huge transformation and the feedback was encouraging. The rest of 2012 was spent troubleshooting these upgrades, adding new publications and updating existing ones. feels like home whenever I login after working on something else. – Krista

More recent expansions in 2013 were the addition of a video library where we plan on sharing more discussion panels Peter participates in, interview clips from the many film festivals he attends, and other videos we publish. ‘A Shot to Save the World: The Fight to Erase Polio’, Executive Produced by Mr. Hamilton, premiered on the Smithsonian Network in 2013 and he continues to venture into supporting other productions.

In 2014, we have been exploring more advertisement opportunities in an effort to continue to offer options for others to get involved in supporting DocumentaryTelevision while gaining exposure to our global network that continues to grow.

The website has several areas for visitors to enjoy: the main newsletter blog site where Peter regularly posts articles, the Store where we sell our publications, and the Video library where our collection can be viewed. also offers our Chinese readers a selection of translated articles.