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Resources to make keeping track of anyone’s health journey easy.

Whether you are a Caregiver feeling overwhelmed, or just someone who wants to organize your own information – these products are for you. Writing things down not only keeps you organized, but it also makes it easier to share information with doctors and others who want to help.

The Basic Collection and Nature In the Park Collection are our introductory series of Books by 720creations that feature an easy-to-read font and minimalistic style. The difference between these collections is the cover art, all of the internal pages are the same. If you don’t want the hassle and expense of printables, mix and match the books that fit your needs.

Books by 720creations was born out of my frustration trying different ways to keep health, financial and life information organized for loved ones over the last 20 years. From post-it notes and notepads to classification folders and flash drives, I’ve kept notes of information all over the place. The problem with my “system” is only I know where to look and how to decypher my cryptic notes. This is a challenge in ensuring continuity of care when other family members help out.

To complement the book collections, I also launched the website for printables, product suggestions, and inspiration to help Seniors, Caregivers and Everyone Else get through the day. I plan on sharing stories and information about products related to seniorcare, wellbeing, home goods and printing printables.

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