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It started in a MySpace post as a challenge to remix the track “See The Light” by AWKWORD, a rapper and activist using music to brings awareness to real issues while inspiring change by supporting a great cause.


The project evolved into World View, the first-ever 100% For-Charity Global Hip Hop album with all proceeds going to Guns 4 Cameras, a 501c3-registered nonprofit that goes beyond the gun-exchange program, working to eradicate street violence through Hip Hop-inspired education and empowerment of our at-risk youth.

I wanted to find a way to contribute to what I saw had the potential to be a huge achievement for hip hop, music and the world in general; so I offered to create and host a website he could use instead MySpace as a main hub to promote and share this new venture. This was the perfect project to get my feet wet with WP and create something as awesome as this project was destined to be. -Krista

Half a decade later, on a celebratory Groundhog Day Super Bowl Sunday (with the big game being played locally in NY/NJ area) on 2/2/2014, the album was finally released, featuring 35 producers and 65 emcees contributing from 6 continents and 19 countries, to showcase our interconnectedness created through hip hop culture and rap music.

Humble Beginnings

We released the 1st version of in 2008 and it grew from a little blog to a globally-visited site that has kept the world informed on the progress of World View and AWKWORD.

Being a WP newbie, this project was just what I needed to explore how extensible WP really was. For what it was, it was a great theme and at the time we released the site, it worked well with core WP, but as newer versions of WP got released it became apparent that we needed an upgrade that took advantage of some of the newer core features.

Over the years we discussed changing themes, but nothing ever came to fruition because it didn’t feel right, so we just changed the banner image periodically. In the Fall 2012, AWKWORD and I decided the time was coming to make changes.

Moving On Up… to a New (WP) Hosting Environment

I didn’t want to change everything overnight but with the growing traffic and looming album release eventually coming, I knew the first step to helping AWKWORD position himself for continued success was to change hosts from my shared host to a WP dedicated host. We migrated to a WP dedicated host in the beginning of October 2012 but had an underwhelming experience. In early 2013, after my initial Sandy-recovery, for several reasons, I made the decision to migrate to a different WP dedicated managed host.

awkAfter a long migration process I worked in the staging area on a redesign. Unfortunately it took a while to push the new theme live because of scheduling conflicts prolonging the creative process. I ran into some theme “responsiveness” issues at the 11th hour and a weekend rollout turned into a week-long event. There was so much to take into account with the new set-up and a laundry list of to-dos for how to re-organize the content.

A Whole New Look and Feel 2.0 was released at the end of the Summer 2013.

The objective of the new version of is to showcase the many different facets of AWKWORD’s talents, not just World View, though it maintains an entirely dedicated section. The new site has a home page that acts as a portal to help navigate the important content AWKWORD wants to bring attention to, like his music videos featured in a carousel slider, Must-read News and latest posts.

AWKWORD is a client, a personal friend and an inspiration to all. I am a forever fan of his musings and proud to make small contributions to such a great cause.