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Additional Expenses

Costs Usually NOT Included in Service Fee
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With so many to choose from, pricing for all expenses will vary depending on vendor and offerings. All expenses with pricing will be presented as they come up, and are considered quotes until time of purchase.

Domain & Hosting
Domain and hosting are a requirement for owning a website. They should not be viewed as an expense, so much as a necessary investment.

– purchase – $10-15+
– transfer – $10-15+
– privacy protection – $10-15

– – hosted WP solution managed by Automattic
– Shared Hosting
– WP Managed Hosting

Secure SSL socket
Available for FREE through Let’s Encrypt Project. Wildcard SSL available for network of sub-domain sites.

Themes, Plugins, Assets, & Components

Original creative assets are always encouraged whenever possible to keep costs reasonable.

Commercial/Premium Themes
WordPress Themes are files that work together to create the design of a WordPress site. They have to do with how the website “looks”.

Commercial/Premium Plugins
Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress site’s core functionality.

For peace of mind, a premium plugin, like Updraftplus, is recommended in addition to a nightly backup solution offered by hosting company.

Stock Images, art and video
Stock multimedia can help fill up a page and adorn large bodies of text. Stock images may be used for custom header design, branding elements, and featured image.

Fonts can add extra flair and style to titles, links and bodies of text.

Music royalties will depend on source of music tracks or clips.

Partner Services by industry experts
These services are available through trusted partners:

Search Engine Optimization / Search Marketing Optimization (SEO/SMO)
A strong ranking will make a difference in web success.

Copy Editor / Proofreader
Making sure web content is presented in a grammatically-correct format helps with credibility because the information is received clearly.

Branding Design
With more complex projects, additional talent can be employed to focus solely on building strong brand collateral.

Specialized Expert Consulting for Advanced Configurations
When more complex configuration or troubleshooting is required, additional consultants might be necessary.

Ongoing Site Care Support
Frequently scheduled maintenance and support services to ensure theme, plugins and WP core are up-to-date and site is secure. There are many WP Support companies providing these services, or they can be handled in-house after site launch/re-launch.