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About Me

Hi, I’m Krista! I help industry leaders, community activists, and small business owners create personalized experiences.

Since the mid-2000s, I have provided remote consulting services to industry leaders and small business owners tackling invaluable and rewarding challenges that make an impact on their community or industry.

For many, I’m a white-label resource providing targeted services. For others, a consultant they could afford. To all, I’m the person they come to depend on when it matters most. It’s been a privilege for many years to develop and support small business websites like and DocumentaryBusiness, a globally-circulated eNewsletter providing industry analysis.

A highlight was working with Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography to support their various web properties as they grew the business from idea to acquisition. After 5 years of ongoing support and development, in December 2019, the company was acquired and I assisted with ensuring a smooth transition.

Before Web Consulting

I was a Proofreader for many years at corporate NYC law firms and banks; and have also worked as a debt relief specialist, real estate agent, and visa/passport expediter. The curiosity to try new things and being able to learn quickly has always come in handy!

When Not On The Computer

You can usually find me caregiving for the people I love, enjoying nature walks, cooking, listening to podcasts or studying a new skill.